February 21, 2012

Archetypes in Branding (Part 2).

"Branding.. umm, it something about big companies and definitely not about my small clothes collection",- may be you are thinking while reading title. But what is brand?
Brand is a feature that identifies one seller from another. Name, colors, symbols and other features are working together. But I'm convinced that the most important is the creation of some story around your brand. This story  does not necessarily have to be truthful or to have the  traditional structure (the beginning and the end).
When I'm saying "story" I mean image:
  •     who is your character? why did she choose your clothes?
  •     what her personality traits? what set of values she has?
  •     what her favorite things, places, books? 
Archetypes will help you to create story, that would be familiar to many people.
In my previous post I showed you picture with 12 archetypes with 4 main "personal trait" or some "will" that cooperate each 3 types of 12. 

First time I found out that a lot of people of art professions use archetypes, when I visited master class of famous russian brilliant stylist and hairdresser Denis Osipov. He has a school for stylists, and most of their lessons are based on archetypes. For my list of archetypes (below), I took examples of people with different hairstyles. 
So, archetypes divided into groups by desire

Change: people who want to change something
  1. Hero - change the world, "everything is possible", to be strong.

  2. Magician - move the progress, to make dreams come true, futuristic

  3. Outlaw - "rules are made to be broken", revolution, rebel

Group Belonging: people who want to feel part of a group
  4. Jester - to live in the moment with full enjoyment, play, joke

  5. Lover - to be surrounded by love, to be attractive (by the way it's the favorite archetype of magazines)

  6. Everyman - the regular guy/girl, to connect with other people, to belong

Order: people who want to feel the stability and order
  7. Caregiver - to protect and care, to help others, altruist

  8. Ruler - the boss, leader, to control, responsibility

  9. Creator - to realize a vision, creativity and imagination, artistic, perfectionism

Self-knowledge: people who want to be free to explore the world and themselves
  10. Innocent - romantic, dreamer, to do things right, to be happy

  11. Sage - to understand the world, intelligence, thinker, philosopher,

  12. Explorer - " the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world", journey, the seeker

Of course, people can't be divided into groups exactly, a lot of them will find themselves in 2-3 or more groups at the same time, but the foundation can be found.


  1. Снежана, у вас очень интересный и полезный блог,уже подписалась!;)

  2. So many styles, but truth to be told - "Lover"'s all around. It's not only the magazines' basic and fave type, it's also the most popular in a real life.

    Интересная статья))