February 21, 2012

Archetypes. Intro (Part 1).

The most important thing is the details. Oh, I love to repeat it for myself like a mantra. And for being a professional, you should not only be able to analyze a complex picture, but also to know as many details as possible.

Knowledge of archetypes can become necessary details or just give you an advantage.

You may be familiar with the archetypes from works of Carl Jung. He believed that archetypes are “ancient or archaic images that derive from the collective unconscious”. Archetypes symbolize fundamental human desires, motivation and emotions. There are 12 archetypes in our modern marketing, which are 12 different types of people with its own set of values and personality traits.
I'll show you the list of these archetypes:

The picture by Bianca Cawthorne.

All this information above means that you can divide all people into groups (at least approximately) and find the key to everyone. One of the main aim of art, in some sense, is to find keys to the people, so we can use this as an instrument.

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