February 11, 2012

To-do-list for your collection. Preparing press-release.

You have brilliant idea of unusual fashion design or your amazing clothes collection already sewn, you still have to outline action plan for the future. In first situation, it should be done for planning, you always should be prepared for all possible cases, and act effective. In second, it's just right time for you!:)

When I think about starting some big project as collection (or even mini-collection), there are so many things that have to be solved, and extremely easy to get lost.
So, I'll tell you about required things. It's the foundation and it should always be done before contacting the media.

 Yes, it is obvious. But make sure that your product has high quality and completely finished.

Good quality pictures of clothes on model with white background (it can be different, but preferred). 
I suggest you to use natural nude make-up but with strong sculpting of the face. Well-defined and sculpted  cheekbones and chin make the model look more expressive.
For example, pictures from lookbook by Barbara Casasola s/s '12.

Stylized photo shoot  
The most interesting part! It's all about style of your brand and you as designer. You create a story. Characters, places, atmosphere, - what people would remember about your brand. It's very extensive subject, I will write posts about it not once.
Example: Kate Moss for W Magazine March '12. 

 Images of clothes with a white background
These pictures are useful for internet shops. But also, you need these pictures for your future press release. If editors of some interesting site/blog/other media would want to write about your collection - it will be a lot more easy for them to add your items in an article or catalog.
Example from polyvore.com (Dorothy Perkins jumper and Bergdorf Goodman platform sandal)

Quality of web-content is changing every year and now video is an integral part of the presentation of the brand in the network (and of course, we remember about the viral marketing).

You should provide as much information about your collection and brand as you can. 
  • photo of collection
  • "making of.."(photoshoot, collection, runway show) pictures
  • scans of magazines and links on media, who wrote about you
Website, blog, facebook page, LiveJournal community - required part of your internet presentation. 

Press release
And finally press release. After you prepared all things above, write a short but succinct review of your collection. 
You need to answer main questions:
  1. What special about your collection? 
  2. For whom? Who is your character and muse?
Also, don't forget about personal letter to editor(blogger) with information about how to contact you. Specify all of your resources (e-mail, website and so on).

Most of the pictures from: http://www.fashionising.com

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