February 24, 2012

To be a fashion designer: for those who want to, but doubts it.

With this post I start a new series of articles for the beginners and even for people who just thinking about joining fashion.
There are so many small details that seem obvious for experienced designers, but can be a stumbling block for beginners and I want to share these details. So, my goal is to inspire and give confidence to people, who want to join this industry.

Very often for some reason, if young men ask "can I become a fashion designer? how to become a fashion designer?", they receive the same answer.

But before we point this out, I want to tell you short story:
I wanted to get a dog, it necessarily had to be a Husky. I dreamed about these wolf-like dogs so much! So, I started to looking for any information about dogs, dogs training, breeds. And once I learned it all, I found local forum of breeders and owners of the Huskies. Already somebody created topic like "can you give me some advices on getting Husky?", I opened it...and instead of advices, any information or encouragement, I saw:
- "We have the feeling that you like these dogs just because of their popularity in the movies. We don't  think you can grow up them, it's hard work."
Aw, wow. Later on, I noticed the same attitude of the owners of other rare or interesting breeds.
Maybe it makes them feel special. 

So, the same story with fashion design. Probably, you would hear answers like "It's a tough competitive business. There is no place for the weak. It's all about connections and relationships."
Ok, it is. But it does not matter you have no place in this industry. And don't forget: everyone sees what he wants. And where one person sees tough business, other would see dynamic creative activity

For those who want to become a fashion designer, but doubts it, I want to tell a few things: 
  1. Fashion designer is a creative profession, but it requires a lot of work. The result may not come immediately.
  2. In real life, it's not as shown on TV. Glamour, parties and pictures with the celebrities - this is not something that should be your motivation.
  3. But if you want to give something to the world, if you want to create a piece of an art or just express yourself - it is definitely your place
  4. To be a fashion designer is a really creative and interesting way to develop yourself, and spend your lifetime.   
Versace A/W '12 at Milan fashion week, fashionising.com.


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